Monday, February 27, 2017

vena amoris

Is it weird that I feel happy whenever I see a wedding ring on someone's finger? I see one on my psych professor, one on my physical therapist. It isn't new information anymore the second or even third time I see it, but every single time I do, there's this moment of realization where I go "oh" in my mind.

I know some people think that love is not something you need to tie down to a sheet of paper. But I think part of love is being willing to sign that contract.

There's just something lovely about the holy matrimony that invokes such warm, fuzzy feelings. Yes, I am aware that marriage is a social construct. But we are after all, social creatures. Even literature has found that people who have more social support live healthier, longer lives. We evolved to live with other people.

Recently, I've been saying, "What is life without feelings?" a lot. It's always how I've felt, I'd just never said it out loud till now. But then I realize that certain feelings don't last forever. Those resplendent sparks when you just fell in love won't stay around too long. I realized that it's up to you whether or not you want to try and make it work.

So I think marriage is a promise. I think marriage is saying "I chose you yesterday, I choose you today, and I'll choose you in all my tomorrows." It's a resounding "I do" that manifests itself in the most mundane everyday minutiae.

Just a simple metal band can carry such beautiful connotations.

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